Our Santee Sprinkler System Techs Are Expert Troubleshooters

Our Santee sprinkler system techs make it a point to Our Santee Sprinkler System Contractors Repair and Replace All Pop-Up Heads offer our customers a few preventive and maintenance tips that they can use before calling us out to their home. Some problems are not really problems and can be fixed by changing a battery or resetting a switch. Sprinklers are known to malfunction and sometimes they are easy to repair with a few minor adjustments.

Here are a few common scenarios:

The sprinkler system is on, but no water is coming out. The problem could be something simple. Sometimes when family members or professional contractors work out the house they turn off the water lines and forget to turn them back on. So check the main water valve first.

The controller has stopped working. Try turning it off for about 15 minutes and resetting it. Turn it back on. If the problem still persists, try replacing the batteries. A $2 battery can make the difference between purchasing a new controller and paying a repairman.

Our Santee CA sprinkler system contractors offer other services as well. Lawns and gardens are some homeowners' pride and joy, and they have plans of making them stand out.

We specialize in developing and designing beautiful landscapes, building gazebos, and installing fences. We handle drain problems, lighting issues and standard installations. We build patios, decks and install fences.

Call us for:

Alt TextBroken or leaking sprinkler vales  Our Santee CA Sprinkler System Contractors Work on Systems of All Sizes
Alt TextClogged sprayers
Alt TextSevered wires
Alt TextBroken pipes
Alt TextMalfunctioning control units
Alt TextCapping sprinkler heads
Alt TextZone additions
Alt TextPoor spray patterns & wasted water
Alt TextRunning water that can't be shut off

Our Trusted Plumber

Their is only one plumber that we recommend, these guys do great work and have never be late when we needed them. Call our favorite Santee plumbing contractors the next time you need a hand.